Thaba Trails

It's Happening.... a Cannondale Concept store at Thaba Trails.

Not wanting to set up another full bike shop, we opened a small kiosk. This has been short lived as Cannondale have asked us to open a Cannondale Concept store. It has never been a secret that I have always been a fanatical fan. Continental Tyres have also come to the party with a huge stand and it is obvious that they have focussed on Mountain bike tyres. 

After a ride come enjoy a cup of Illy Coffee and a slice of cake or a muffin....


New Trails being built!!

 We have started building a down hill course. I was challenged by the downhillers with regards the height of the drop offs... I won't be riding them so height doesn't frighten me !! The start will be at the highest point near the JO JO tanks at Thaba Ya Batswana.. it goes straight down the steepest rocks...plummeting through the bushes and down over Wendell's way still dropping over two big...ish rock drop offs. Then turning down we will add three rock drop offs to crossing over Twin Towers....then a huge rockery with about a three meter drop. For my 5c you wont get me riding down this.... it will be for the adrenalin junkies only...full face helmets...body armour...etc.

We are hoping to have the trail done by the end of this month as we are hosting the National Downhill at Thaba Trails. 

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